Sleeping GirlZolpidem, is the active ingredient in many sleeping pills, including Ambien. A new report states that more people are having adverse reactions to the pills, causing an increase in visits to the ER—about 220% more, with women ending up there far more than men (and that doesn’t even count people having accidents due to side-effects like daytime drowsiness).

The FDA has recommended that the prescribed dosage be cut, to help correct the number of adverse reactions it causes, but many people take more than the prescribed dosage anyway.

Ambien and similar sleeping pills have become a bit of a cultural joke as they’re known for causing people to have, for lack of a better term, nighttime adventures. Sleepwalking, hallucinations, and general odd behaviour have all been reported by loved ones of people taking these sleeping pills.

So why not try a natural sleep aid? Natural sleep aids encourage a natural, real, sleep, one where your brain recharges and goes through it’s nighttime maintenance, rather than an artificial sleep. Welltrients Sleep Support Pack contains a natural sleep aid, Nite MGR, which has Melatonin, the same thing your body uses to sleep, and CalMag Complete, which supports your brain and body with the minerals it needs to recharge.

For more ways to help fight insomnia naturally, click here.

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