The rabbit hole of research into the good bacteria that make up your gut is getting deeper. There’s a strong link between what bacteria (and in what proportions) are in your gut and chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, the link is clear enough that the research may lead to a better diagnostic tool by allowing doctors to profile gut bacteria (even matching it to the almost 50% of chronic fatigue patients who have IBS).

Will this lead to a cure for those with chronic fatigue syndrome? The official answer is correlation doesn’t equal causation, meaning more research is needed (you have to rule out that it’s not chronic fatigue syndrome causing a shift in gut bacteria rather than gut bacteria causing chronic fatigue syndrome).

But unofficially? There’s lot’s of other studies about gut bacteria where changing your colonies fixes (or causes) illness. Bacteria transplants between healthy and unhealthy patients is being used to cure viral infections of the gut. There’s strong and growing evidence that weight is tied to the bacteria (and invading viruses) in your gut. The safe bet is that changing and supporting your gastrointestinal health could help to improve associated diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome.

So how do you support gastrointestinal health? Maybe unsurprisingly, diet is important. Having the wrong sort of bacteria can increase your appetite, make you crave calories, and change how your body processes food (impacting how you absorb calories and nutrients).So one important step is fighting those urges and eating prebiotics that support healthy gut bacteria like garlic, onion and other vegetables.

Other healthy habits like sleep and exercise have also been tied to healthier probiotic colonies.

You can also support probiotic health with a probiotic supplement. Replenish and add to your good bacteria each day with a high-quality supplement like Flora MGR.

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