VitaminsIf you haven’t already upgraded your daily multivitamin to a high-quality supplement like Vita One, now’s the time.

What differentiates a high-quality supplement from the cheap stuff you can pick up at any mega-store?

If you follow the headlines, you’ve probably noticed that regulators are having a tough time with many big-name and cheap brands. Picking samples off the shelf, almost none of them test positive for the ingredients on the label.

What’s in cheap-o vitamins?

While they rarely have what’s advertised, they are often chock-full of fillers, and even contaminates, making them an allergy-risk (especially for people with severe reactions!). Rice powder isn’t bad, but other additives like stearates are, and then there are other scandals like adding in stimulants and even illegal substances (like ephedra and similar herbs) to get effects in a “natural” but unhealthy way!

But there’s more.

Even when herbs, vitamins, and minerals make it into one of those cheap supplements, the quality is pretty low.

In a high quality multivitamin, herbs get added that are fresh and green, and the nutrients are in a bioavailable form (easy for the body to absorb and use). So not only do high-quality supplements have more of the nutrients that you’re looking for, your body uses more of them, too!

If you’re looking for an all-purpose daily multivitamin that hits all the most common dietary gaps, start with Vita One. But be sure to explore our other selection of high quality multivitamins over at Colloids for Life (from your head to your heart, your liver to your toes we’ve got you covered with the nutritional support you need).

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