Cells in the eyes, rods and cones in particular, are made by your body from the nutrients you eat–making the eyes a prime example of how food and nutrition affect not just our health but quality of life.

Everyone knows about Vitamin A (found in carrots) and it’s role in eye health–retinal, a component of rods, which are responsible for light and shading, is derived from Vitamin A–but there are other necessary nutrients that play direct and indirect roles in the health and functioning of our eyes that receive less focus.

Lutein protects eyes from oxidative stress (as do other antioxidants) and having high levels of lutein is correlated with a decrease in eye related diseases. Your eyes absorb light, and part of the light spectrum can be stressful or even harmful to your eyes. Wearing sunglasses is important, but so is ensuring proper antioxidant support.

A wonderful eye-supporting plant is Bilberry (or Huckleberry). Bilberry may remove toxins from the eye, slow or stop a loss of vision, and even improve eye-sight in healthy individuals!

Vision PWRx is formulated with all these eye centric ingredients, and more (over 30!). Welltrients can be effectively packed with so many goodies because there are no preservatives, filler, or other crud taking up space. Plus, what makes Vision PWRx, and Welltrients in general, so wonderful is that the (highest available quality) ingredients are all formulated to be readily and easily absorbed by the body, making a bigger impact.

Has anyone taken Vision PWRx and had it help with their vision or improve their eye health? Share your story below!


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