Vitamin D Doubles Breast Cancer Survival Rate


Pink Ribbon NurseIn case there was any doubt to Vitamin D’s importance, a new study has found that women with high Vitamin D levels were twice as likely to survive breast cancer as those with low Vitamin D levels—such a strong finding, in fact, that the researchers recommended that Vitamin D be added to the treatment plan of women with breast cancer.

Of course, don’t wait until something bad happens to maintain strong Vitamin D levels! For most people, a healthy diet will contain plenty of Vitamin D (fortified grains, dairy, fatty fish, some mushrooms…) and you can always get it for free from the sun. If you have a digestive disorder (food intolerance, inflammation from Crohn’s or IBS/IBD, etc.), or just want to cover your bases, a supplement can also be a very good source of Vitamin D. Get in a daily multivitamin or your nightly calcium supplement.

And take Vitamin D early and often—there are lots of other benefits to strong Vitamin D levels, including healthy cholesterol levels, avoiding fibromyalgia, lower weight, better heart health, and besides helping breast cancer survival, it also helps you fight Hep C!

So if you are sharing the glorious spring weather with us this week, soak up some Vitamin D! If not, consider getting a supplement to make sure your levels are plenty high!

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