Low Vitamin D levels cause a range of problems. Symptoms of depression, a weakened immune system, bone weakness, and worse—low Vitamin D levels can even contribute to the onset of schizophrenia. Unfortunately, most people are some degree of Vitamin D deficient. For that reason, researchers are exploring how Vitamin D helps the body in the hopes it will reveal new ways to help people.

Here’s what researchers have discovered: Vitamin D is important to memory, and it keeps enzymes in check. Without it, unchecked, unnecessary breakdowns occur, leading to the symptoms low Vitamin D levels are famous for. Having enough Vitamin D support brain integrity, and a better outlook/mood.

Being a little Vitamin D deficient can almost be worse than having obvious deficiency, since an obvious deficiency is more likely to be treated. A small deficiency can become chronic, and deal long term damage with immediate, ongoing lower quality of life. Fatigue, depression like symptoms, susceptibility to illness and more can all be caused by low vitamin D, but on their own may not raise a red flag for treatment (getting more Vitamin D).

You can get Vitamin D naturally through exposure to sunlight, but that gets harder to do during winter, if you’re up north, or if you’re worried about skin cancer. Some foods are fortified with Vitamin D, which means they have a low-quality version of Vitamin D added. Other foods, like fish, are naturally rich in Vitamin D.

The best way to make sure you get enough Vitamin D each day is to take a high-quality multivitamin like Triple Strength Antioxidant. Sunlight and diet can fluctuate, but your need for Vitamin D doesn’t. Make sure you’re taking a multivitamin each day to support your immune system, brain, and more.

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