Labor Day weekend is in front of us, and beyond that, crisp fall weather. Apples, pumpkins, more rain, and changing leaves are great, but best of all is a warm cup of tea in a cozy place. And of course, there’s a downside to fall—cold and flu season—so having a health supporting tea on hand isn’t just the makings of a nice afternoon, it’s great support.

Jiaogulan is an organic, herbal tea (it’s caffeine free) that supports heart health, digestion, and more. Known as the tea of life, it’s associated with health and longevity in the regions of SouthEast Asia where it’s grown. It’s the perfect tea to pull out when you’re not feeling well—it’s great hot, it won’t keep you awake, and it has all those herbal benefits.

When you have a cold, a hot cup of tea soothes and calms coughs. If your throat hurts, it helps ease pain. And a steaming hot beverage is perfect when you have congestion, sinus aches, and thick mucus everywhere. And letting a warm cup radiate heat on an aching ear, sinus, or other inflamed area is a great way to naturally ease pain. And there’s an old adage about a warm drink before bed for a reason, it really can help you slip into a comfortable snooze.

For those who don’t like water, or who have trouble drinking enough (especially when sick) tea is another clear liquid that helps keep you hydrated. Sip it plain, with throat soothing honey, or mucus cutting lemon, either way, make sure you’re getting the benefits of health supporting Jiaogulan tea!

Order some Jiaogulan tea so you have enough for fall, and make the next cool weather day a cozy one.

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