Even if you’re eating healthy… lots of fruits and vegetables, water, not soda…. you’re likely still getting steeped in weed killer, microplastics, and other to-be-discovered contaminates. New research into microplastics are finding them everywhere, while an internal FDA email let it be known that most common foods (crackers, oats… everything in your pantry) are contaminated with the weed killer glyphosate.

There’s good news and bad news to follow that up. The good news is that many groups are getting to work to fight against and remove microplastics (from soil, and from municipal water). The bad news is that even though the FDA is acutely aware that glyphosate, which is listed as a probable human carcinogen, is in almost everything—that testing is all either “unofficial”, or within the legal limit (but if everything pushes that limit, what’s the point?).

Consumers can fight back either by getting involved with watch groups (writing letters, for example), and by voting with their wallets. While a small amount may be ok, if exposure is everywhere the only way to actually get a small amount is to avoid all obvious sources. Reduce plastics in your life as much as possible, and eat organic wherever you can. It won’t 100% eliminate exposure, but it can help bring it down.

For that last bit of contamination, try a detox. Not the kind where you starve yourself, but one to remove large particles, like with Zeolite. Formed when alkaline groundwater meets volcanic ash, Zeolite has a large cage-like structure that “catches” toxins and other large particles and removes them.

When you finish with Zeolite, put the good stuff (like large minerals) back in with Humic and Fulvic acid. Rich soil from the remains of ancient forests, Humic and Fulvic acid provide a diversity missing from modern life and diets.

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