Should you be taking a daily multivitamin? Do they even work? In short: probably, and yes. If it’s a high-quality multivitamin, just about everyone can benefit from getting nutritional balance in their daily lives. Get started today with Mito Cardia daily multivitamin, or read on to explore the benefits of multivitamins.

First, let’s clear out the junk: all the big brands you’ll find in grocery stores. If they’re not making bad headlines, they’re getting outed by third party testing for not having the ingredients advertised, using more fillers than advertised, and generally being worthless. How can you tell if what you’re taking is good? Well, just look at our Welltrients. You can see, smell, and feel (when you take it) the difference.

Ok, you’ve picked out a high-quality multivitamin. But do you need it? Chances are your diet isn’t perfect—we’re bombarded daily with ads and opportunities for junk food, which is far easier to get than something healthy. In fact, even if you’re a healthy eater with lots of vegetables in your day, there’s still room for things to go wrong. Sometimes our bodies just don’t absorb nutrients, sometimes we have blind spots.

There are two nutrients it’s recommended almost everyone take: Vitamin D, and folate. Almost everyone is low on Vitamin D, and getting a little more supports the immune system, mood, bones, and more. Folic acid is recommended because we could use a little more, especially as a just-in-case for reproduction (both men and women need folic acid!). It’s so important they add it too foods—but you can get a higher quality, easier to digest form of this B Vitamin in supplement form (and if you’re avoiding processed foods, you might not be getting enough!).

A multivitamin makes sure we get the basic nutrients we need each and every day, no matter what we end up eating or if we stick to our diets. Mito Cardia is a high-quality vitamin that helps us feel our best.


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