Exercising Couple on BikesIf you haven’t spent a minute reading up on krill oil, now’s the time, because there are many reasons krill oil should be a daily part of your diet.

For instance, whether you’re an athlete or an occasional exerciser, people who take krill oil, according to a recent study, get an immune system boost after working out. Scientists think it’s tied to the Omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil. When your body has more nutrients to draw from, it performs better!

And both athletes and couch potatoes can appreciate the most famous benefit of krill oil: it supports heart and cardiovascular health.

Krill Oil has other benefits, too. It helps fight inflammation, it has DHA (in a very bioavailable form) which supports brain health, and it even supports gastrointestinal health.

Research has even shown that krill oil helps reduce the effects of depression.

If you’re already taking fish oil: stop! Krill oil is better!

You’ll immediately notice fewer fish-burps and digestive upset when you switch from fish oil to krill oil, and that comfort alone is worth switching for.

But it supports your health better, too: one of the reasons it digests more easily than fish oil is that the nutrients in krill oil are more bioavailable. That means easier for your body to absorb and use (so you’re getting more out of it!) than with fish oil.

And if you choose Deep Ocean Krill Oil you’re getting a lot of naturally present antioxidants, too!

If you haven’t started your day with krill oil yet, or made the switch, be sure to order Deep Ocean Krill Oil and reap the benefits!

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