Make Sure Your Immune System Is Ready For Winter Surprises


Soil in HandYou might have your eye on cold and flu season, and then there’s a Shigella outbreak that spreads before anyone can get in front of it. Or it’s October, and some counties are still finding mosquitoes that test positive for West Nile. Or travel brings you into the crosshairs of one of the many outbreaks (even if it’s just a stronger flu strain)…

…And you need some extra backup. Try nutritional immune system support like Immune System Regenerator. It has Humic and Fulvic minerals, taken from ancient, pesticide free soil. And if you’re traveling, you may not be getting the same (or enough if you’re having lots of treats) nutrients.

Soil is different everywhere, and the more it’s farmed, the less nutrients it has (which are fairly selectively restored). Humic and Fulvic minerals are derived from soil which contains the remnants of ancient forests, supplying an array of micro nutrients that are no longer present in most of today’s produce (think to how it tastes, how bland. If you’ve never tasted fruit that pops with taste, consider candy, and the artificial flavor that tastes so much more like strawberry/banana/lemon than many modern versions. One theory even posits our poor eating habits are due to a craving for those flavors that signal nutrition!).

Immune System Regenerator restores those minerals, supporting the body, and the immune system, so that you have everything you need when you become faced with life’s hiccups. (And even surprises aside, cold and flu season is here!).

In addition to supplemental support there’s all the usual aid, too. Exercise, drinking plenty of water as winter air removes it, getting enough sleep, and eating as balanced a diet as you can get (you can be selective enough to find nutrient rich things, but it takes more time and money spent at the store).

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