JoggerScientists have pinned down how exercising leads to the growth of new brain cells. Not only is this a great reason to get moving, it may lead to new treatments for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

When work up a sweat—whether it’s a brisk walk or you’re training for a marathon–it triggers one protein that triggers another that encourages (and protects existing) nerves and synapses. It’s the reason studies have found that exercising can help stave off dementia, improve your focus, and generally boost your brain power.

Scientists hope that now they’ve isolated the proteins, they can put them in a pill. But as with most things, you’re better off getting it straight from the (natural) source!

You don’t have to over-exert your body to boost your brain. Just try and go for a brisk walk everyday (or a long brisk walk every other day). Work up a sweat if you can. See if any of your local parks or open spaces have trails with a nice view, or even outdoor workout equipment (something many cities are jumping on).

And support your body nutritionally so it has the building blocks to make the proteins that trigger nerve production. That means find a good source of protein to follow your workout with, and make sure you cover all your bases with a multivitamin. You can even choose one that targets brain and nerve health.

Do you walk/exercise daily?


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