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Immune Support

Mushrooms aren’t just a savory ingredient for soups, pizza, salads, and burgers—they offer a myriad of health benefits. And of course, the best-for-you mushrooms aren’t the common ones you can get at the grocery store, they’re the hard-to-find (and grow) ones often considered a delicacy, like Shiitake. You don’t have to take up truffle hunting to get the benefits of these rarer mushrooms, you can get a compact serving of nutrients with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract.

What makes these mushrooms so special? Each mushroom has slightly different benefits, but in general, they boost health by activating and boosting the immune system.  

Shiitake mushrooms not only boost immunity but may support heart health as well by encouraging healthy cholesterol. In Eastern medicine, Shiitake mushrooms are believed to boost longevity and circulation, and overall health. The west has studied Shiitake mushrooms for their anti-cancer properties.

The benefits of Maitake have been studied in clinical trials and published in peer-reviewed journals. It has a well-documented effect on the immune system boosting activity, especially enhancing phagocytosis.

Reishi mushrooms are most often studied for the more noticeable boost they give to sick people, but they may help to keep you healthy, too, by boosting lymphocyte function (which helps the body fight infections). Some studies show athletes, for example, benefit from an immunity boost.

Beta Glucan is often recommended as immune support to people who know they need an immune system boost—those dealing with chronic physical or emotional stress, dealing with ongoing health issues, or who have chronic fatigue.

Don’t go hunting for the best ingredients to support your health—get them each day with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract.


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