Seniors Hanging in NaturePretty much everyone agrees, we should all be taking a daily multivitamin. Those few dissenters seem to only disagree when they look at the stuff sold in grocery stores: they often don’t have the ingredients listed on the labels, are plumped up with fillers, and are in the cheapest, least usable by the body form of any nutrients they manage to actually have in them. It’s no wonder studies using cheapo vitamins get poor results.

What should we all be taking? A high-quality daily multivitamin like Vita One. Made with fresh ingredients in the form best suited for humans, Vita One is a filler-free alternative to those other brands.

But why does everyone need a multivitamin? I eat healthy food!

There are some big, common reasons that multivitamins get recommended, like getting a boost of Vitamin D in winter to help prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), making sure women of childbearing age are getting enough folic acid, regardless of their current intent, and making sure women (and even some men) are getting calcium as they age, or just getting an extra bump of nutrients as their bodies start to slow down their ability to process them.

And there are little, daily reasons, too. Like we’re all different. Not only do we all eat a little differently from each other, but from ourselves day to day. A daily multivitamin provides a safety net that means we don’t have to tally up the health effects of every little change.

We also all have different bodies and there isn’t just one correct way to eat. Everyone has something about them they may not even notice or think about (you might be a little taller, or have a faster metabolism, or have some small, simple chronic condition from a tendency toward hangnails to constantly getting nicked and bruised at work). It’s not just the big life things that deserve a little extra support, it’s the daily bump and grind our bodies do that we don’t even have to think about. A daily multivitamin (like Vita One, which is packed with a large variety of high-quality vitamins and minerals) provides the nutrient building blocks that our body can use to replace, repair, grow, and keep on functioning day after day.

Make sure that you are getting that basic safety net each and every day with a multivitamin. Choose a high quality one like Vita One. No fillers, no preservatives, and full to the brim with nutrients, Vita One is the clear choice for anyone looking to boost their health!

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