Sunshine Park WomanPast research has shown that current Vitamin D recommendations hover right at the cusp of Vitamin D deficiency. To do better, new research says you need about 10 times as much Vitamin D as is currently recommended!

Vitamin D offers support and protection from a wide range of health issues, including diabetes, lifespan, prostate health, cancer, heart health, menopause, fibromyalgia (and on and on…). It would take 10 times the current amount of Vitamin D recommended to get many of these benefits.

Getting more Vitamin D is simple!

First, make sure you’re taking a high-quality daily multivitamin. High-quality means it has nutrients in a for that’s easier for your body to absorb, and in higher quantities. Low-quality multivitamins, like what you can find at the grocery store, have lower amounts of nutrients in cheaper forms (if they’re labels are honest, which they often aren’t!).

Second, get out! Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D. You just have to be careful not to get burned (how long that takes depends on your altitude, and proximity to the equator. Higher/closer means you get more sun in a shorter amount of time!).

How do you know if you’re getting enough Vitamin D? If you’re doing the above 2 things—taking a high-quality multivitamin each day and getting sunlight when you can, you should be fine! You can also get Vitamin D from some foods, although some people may have a bad reaction to fortified foods. A balanced diet helps, but sunshine helps more!

Do you notice improved health with warmer weather?


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