The first thing people think about when the good bacteria that live in you are mentioned: their digestive tract. These bacterial colonies play such a strong role in things like weight, digestive function, and how likely you are to get food poisoning that the strong correlation seems natural. Skin colonies get some attention, too, since crowding out harsh pathogens like staph is important, and feet and other places are prone to yeast infections.

Here’s something new: breasts may harbor a bacterial colony, too. The makeup of that bacterial colony may even be tied to breast cancer. How that could play out is yet to be seen, so far the study has found that there are patterns to healthy and unhealthy breasts.

It’s probably a safe bet that this is another area of your body that benefits from healthy probiotic support. In addition to heart health, mood and mental support, breast support can probably be added to the things that probiotics help. Taking probiotics each day may help with fending off bad pathogens. Illness, antibiotics and poor diets can all kill off our natural protective bacteria and leave room bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi to come in.

How do you get probiotic support? Make sure you’re getting a large variety of live good bacteria in your diet each day. Fermented foods that need refrigerating (some canned foods, fermented foods like kefir and yogurt, etc.) or a high-quality probiotic supplement like Flora MGR.

Flora MGR has a variety of live bacteria to help support your gut and beyond.

What are your favorite probiotic rich foods?


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