Vitamin D is for more than strong bones—it will help keep you healthy and happy through the winter. While most touted for helping calcium to build strong bones, Vitamin D has critical roles throughout the body, including supporting the immune system and preventing (winter) depression. It can be hard to get enough Vitamin D from sunlight, which is why it’s one of the most recommended supplements. Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D with Triple Strength Antioxidant.

Unless you laid around in a bikini and skimped on sunscreen throughout the summer, you’re probably going into autumn with low Vitamin D reserves. While most people get enough sunlight to not have rickets-level Vitamin D deficiency, most are moderately Vitamin D deficient, with low energy levels, a little ennui or a taste of depression, poor sleep, and a higher propensity for illness. Some foods are fortified with Vitamin D, meaning it’s processed into it. However, nutrients come in different forms, and added nutrients are usually in a cheaper form that’s harder for the body to use. High-quality supplements like Triple Strength Antioxidant deliver ready to use nutrients (which also means they’re gentler on your stomach during digestion).

Vitamin D plays a big role in your happiness. Each year, millions of people experience some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the winter blues. Those sunshine scraps of Vitamin D you get from not wearing sunscreen during the winter go away when it’s too cold to go outside with bundline up, clouds block the sun more of the time, and the days are shorter! While most people benefit from extra Vitamin D year round, pretty much everyone needs it during winter!

Supplementing with Vitamin D is another tool in your arsenal for supporting your immune system during cold and flu season. Be sure to start today if you’re not already getting Vitamin D with Triple Strength Antioxidant.


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