You might just brush it off as a joke, and reference a famous bear like Pooh or Yogi—but if you’re tired, craving carbs, and even a bit depressed, you’re probably suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, not hibernating. 10 to 20% of diagnosed cases of depression are linked to SAD, and an additional 20-30% of people (at any given time) don’t have severe enough symptoms to be diagnosed with depression but still have SAD. Help your body manage SAD by making sure you’re taking a quality Vitamin D supplement all winter long, like Triple Strength Antioxidant.

Anyone can come down with the symptoms of SAD—lethargy, depression, hunger/weight gain, and a slowed mental energy/desire to do things you like. While there can actually be a number of causes of SAD, most cases are caused by the lack of sunlight in the winter. Sunlight triggers Vitamin D production and helps to set our internal clock, our circadian rhythm, so that we can sleep and wake up at appropriate intervals. Cold temperatures, cloudy weather, and the general position of the planet mean that during winter months, we get less sunlight. By making an effort to take in some sunshine first thing in the morning (to wake us up and set our brain-clock), and taking some Vitamin D to offset the lack of sunlight, we can help manage feeling SAD.

Interestingly, people with Scandanavian genes are less likely to get SAD (but not immune). Women are more likely to get SAD than men, and some people have SAD trigger during the summer rather than during the winter. It’s not just you! Everyone can have occasional bouts of depression like symptoms, and everyone can support their health with supplements like Triple Strength Antioxidant.

Getting more Vitamin D helps support mood, bones, and more, in additon to supporting mental health against Seasonal Affective Disorder.


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