Planning a vacation? Better pack your immune support. Some estimates say that as many as 20% of commercial airline passengers will develop a respiratory illness within the week after flying. That includes coughs, sinus infections, runny noses, or worse. Not included in that 20% and adding to the pile of ill travelers is variations of stomach illness that can get picked up along the way (without even eating anything).

There are two routes of transmission going on that you need to avoid.

Airplanes already have a reputation for being dirty. Studies have pinpointed frequently used but not really cleaned parts like buckles, tray tables, and the armrests as particularly germy. You can use baby wipes or sanitizer if you’re going on a long flight, but the big thing is to avoid touching your face (dirty hands to eyes, nose, and mouth is a big route of transmission). Then wash your hands at every opportunity. Read more about travel…

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MedicineWith 41 confirmed cases, it’s already the largest measles outbreak since the 1990s and they’re saying we could still be in the early stages of the outbreak, with more to come. What does the outbreak mean for everyone else?

While Minnesota has the worst, there are smaller measles outbreaks across the country. In most places, it’s starting in unvaccinated populations and then spreading.

Children get the MMR vaccine which includes mumps and rubella in addition to measles over the course of a couple of shots before the age of five (or so). During childhood, it’s 97% effective but loses efficacy as you age, which means these outbreaks take away the protection of people who were in the 3% that didn’t get immunity the first time, or who lost immunity with age.

(Side note: what impacts getting and keeping immunity? Your immune system. Being off when you get the shot—tired, already sick, whatever—or having immune problems can impact your body’s ability to adapt and fight.) Read more about measles…

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Get the Gunk Out

May 9, 2017

Cleanse!You probably pay a lot of attention to what goes in your body, choosing high-quality multivitamins, eating healthy meals with carefully requested ingredients, and being choosy about sunscreen and makeup. But what about what comes out?

There are a couple of things you can do to support your body as it detoxes the extras we’re exposed to (through skin products, diet, and environment). Read more about detoxing…

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The biggest obstacle to meeting health goals is often just getting started (and we’ve got tips for that here), but mostly, just start small. Once you’re going, there are often other problems. Sleep, joint pain, muscle tension, and even accidents. You don’t want to lose momentum once you’ve got it, so steal some of our tips for keeping things going even when it gets hard.

Usually, eating a little better or exercising a little more will naturally trigger your body to sleep better. But what if you can’t sleep? You might feel energized, or achy, or your mind might race as it starts to think more clearly and brightly. Most of those problems can be solved with simple changes like keeping exercise before lunch, doing something calm and meditative before bed, and stretching your muscles periodically. But the easy solutions don’t always work. When you need extra support, start natural and work your way up. Colloidal gold might be enough, since it supports focus, calm legs, and more. Or go sleep specific with our Sleep Support Pack. If it’s just legs and muscles bothering you, you can always use Dakota Muscle Relief before bed. Read more health goal tips…

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There are lots of reasons to supplement with colloidal gold, which is reported to boost memory, focus & concentration, hand-eye coordination, mood, energy, and more. After all, there’s a lot to be said for the mind-body connection, and taking care of your mind makes as much sense or more as taking care of your body. But there’s another angle, too. After all, our decisions and will to act start with our mind. Sometimes, a little mental support can be the first domino to better overall health.

Exercise, better eating, yoga, more walks, less sitting… whatever physical health goals you’re working on, if you’re having trouble meeting them, the answer may be in your head. Read more about colloidal gold…

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