MedicineCanadian scientistshave found a way to slow the spread of Hepatitis C in the liver, potentially allowing medicines that treat Hepatitis C and the immune system time to defeat the virus, although it has not moved into such trials.The new method to block Hepatitis C works by shrinking fat cells in the liver, which Hepatitis C needs to multiply and spread.

Of course, this sounds like an early treatment for Hepatitis C—one that can only be effective before the disease spreads and causes liver damage, which is why early testing and treatment is key.

Hepatitis C can live in the liver for decades, showing only mild flu like symptoms, before its eventually detected by the severe liver damage that it’s caused.

The new treatment may also have other applications—Hep C isn’t the only virus that requires fat cells. It may also be applicable to fatty liver disease, which is caused by alcoholism and/or obesity, but is reversible.

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