Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder with a strong genetic component (different activities may trigger Diabetes symptoms sooner than later). In it, the body attacks insulin producing cells in the liver, until none are left and the body is no longer able to process sugar as well, leading to a lifetime of extra careful eating and daily shots.

A new study has made a giant leap forward in preventing (but not curing) Type 1 Diabetes. Using bone marrow, scientists developed a protective Macrophage (a cell that’s part of the immune system) that stopped the body from destroying insulin cells.

What’s most significant is how effective it was even with severe pre-Diabetes. As long as some insulin cells are left, the treatment cut further development of Diabetes symptoms by more than 2/3. With further studies and development, they may soon have a near 100% success rate at eliminating Diabetes Symptoms in children.

With a combination of genetic testing and preventative treatment, we may well be able to eradicate Type 1 Diabetes, and a lifetime of dealing with Diabetes symptoms, in the near future.

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