Meningitis Symptoms Include Headache


Headaches and migraines can come on any time. Even with various causes (whether it’s tension headaches or ocular migraines or another form) how to get rid of headaches and find migraine relief is pretty consistent and simple. Start with the basics, work your way up through solutions like Dakota Muscle Relief, and find the best headache and migraine symptom relief for you.

With any ailment, but especially with pain, it’s good to start with basic causes and solutions and work your way up to the heavy hitters.

With head pain, solutions start by sorting through headache symptoms vs migraine symptoms. 


  • Milder Pain
  • Distracting, but you’re still functional
  • Sometimes originates in shoulder
  • Different head regions


  • Debilitating Pain (migraine sufferers often lie down away from light or noise until it passes and are still miserable)
  • Light/Noise/Smell sensitivity 
  • Nausea
  • One Side Only or all over
  • Impaired vision at onset

The best way to get rid of headaches and migraines is to avoid them:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Stretch regularly 
  • Sleep and eat well
  • Time to de-stress 
  • Avoid foods that trigger migraines (varies for different people)
  • Regular doctor visits to address heart or hormone problems 

If headache or migraine symptoms start, backtrack down the prevention list. Remove yourself from triggers, drink a glass of water (or electrolyte rich drink), and take a short break. And don’t wait, get support from Dakota Muscle Relief at the first migraine or headache symptom!

You can apply Dakota Muscle Relief to temples, back, shoulders, neck, and anywhere else there’s pain or tension. Just make sure there’s no broken skin (it will sting). For headaches and migraines, the roll-on version of Dakota Muscle Relief is easier to work with, but the spray is better for hard to reach places (if chronic back problems are your issue and you need to apply it by yourself).

Because Dakota Muscle Relief smells of peppermint (not medicinal) and the smell dissipates quickly, it should be okay to use in most situations, like when a migraine starts at work.


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