Sick ManFlu season has been bad, and everyone is watching for it to peak—after which the end of the tunnel will be in sight. New data suggests there are still more cases coming in, and in the western half of the US, flu season is a little behind, so it will go even longer.

More deaths are expected. People with weakened immune systems need to be especially careful, since they’re the most likely to experience severe flu symptoms (and to catch the flu in the first place). The flu shot in general is not as effective as other vaccines, and this year is no exception, despite the outages in many places. It may make flu symptoms milder, but it will not necessarily prevent you from getting the flu.

This year’s bad flu season is partly due to flu mutations. Although last year was mild, making us “due” for a bad flu season, flu mutations are expected to produce some potentially virulent strains of the virus in the next few years, so this year might get looked back on as not so bad!

Regardless of future severity, there’s still this year to deal with. Keep your home humid to decrease transmission, keep your immune system strong, and maintain good hygiene as you will almost certainly come into contact with sick people given the prevalence of the flu this year.

How’s flu season in your local?


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