INSIDE THIS ARTICLE: strains this year are new, and that means that the flu shot isn’t stopping people from getting sick (although—anecdotally—people who received the flu shot have had milder flu symptoms).

Flu cases this year have already matched or exceeded the total for last season in many parts of the country—and remember, cold and flu season can go until March. With multiple strains out that no one has immunity to, expect people to be taking a lot of sick days.

What can you do? Make sure your house has a decent level of humidity—if you live somewhere dry, run a humidifier or tea kettle (make sure the tea kettle doesn’t run out). Humidity makes catching the flu harder, giving protection to everyone in the house.

Sneeze and cough into your elbow, whether you have flu symptoms or not. Some people can carry viruses without seeming sick, and others may just not be sick yet. Wash hands frequently, it dramatically reduces your chances of getting sick (and in an environment where everyone is a handwasher, those chances go down even more as surfaces remain a bit more clean).

And of course, keep your immune system strong. Sleep, exercise, good food, and supplements like a multivitamin and Colloidal Silver all help to support your overall health.

Should you get the flu shot? Flu shots in general aren’t great vaccines, and this year’s flu shot has received heavy criticism.

Did you get the flu shot this year? Have you experienced any flu symptoms yet?


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