High Blood Pressure Symptoms May Include Dementia


A new study has found that the worse someone’s blood pressure was, the older their brain looked. Frayed neuro connections and shrinking grey matter, hallmarks of dementia and later Alzheimer’s, were also present in those with high blood pressure, and the higher the blood pressure, the older the apparent brain age.

It could also be that the lifestyle that causes high blood pressure symptoms also contributes to symptoms of dementia (lack of exercise, tons of fat and sugar). Either way, high blood pressure is a too-common problem, and the associated brain damage is a symptom that is better prevented since there’s no cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Researchers were especially concerned about the effects of high blood pressure symptoms in younger adults, since it’s something that often isn’t treated until later in life, when the damage would already have begun.

It’s also a good reminder that one health problem doesn’t stand alone—it can easily affect the rest of the body. Diet and exercise is the foundation of good health, and can also contribute to improving symptoms of high blood pressure. Making sure antioxidants, found in fruits or also available in supplements, are also a part of the diet can support a healthy brain and fight inflammation throughout the body.

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