Tick Bite


Tick BiteThe answer seems to be a little bit of both: some Lyme Disease symptoms can linger, especially if the lyme disease isn’t treated right away (the longer without treatment, the worse the chronic lyme disease symptoms might be). BUT, many people who think they have chronic lyme disease might actually just have a new infection.

Scientists got answers by testing the genetic make-up of the specific Lyme bacteria, and testing it again when Lyme Disease symptoms recurred. The bacteria weren’t identical, suggesting that it was a new strain and not the original.

Even with precautions, ticks, which carry Lyme Disease, can too easily cling to clothing or pets and get into a position to bite you. Still, being careful is the best way to prevent Lyme Disease and long term symptoms. Wearing long sleeves and pants, and tucking pants into boots is important when going outside during Lyme Disease season. Pets need to be checked for ticks after being outside.

During Lyme Disease season, check for tick bites regularly, as you may not feel them. They often present as a round, red circle, sometimes with a bullseye pattern.

Lyme Disease symptoms include fever, headache, and fatigue. Long term, untreated symptoms can cause inflammation in the joints and organs including the heart and brain.

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