A new coronavirus (the family the original SARS virus comes from) has been identified as the cause of a small SARS outbreak in the middle east, but the WHO is now warning that the cases may not be isolated, and that other countries should be watching for SARS symptoms, investigating all cases of odd or unexplained pneumonia, especially if it clusters, and especially if that cluster occurs around health care workers.

So far, the new “SARS” virus has proven fairly deadly, although a few who have tested positive have managed to survive. This new SARS outbreak is growing slowly, but WHO’s warning indicates that they may have unreleased information about its spread and possible contamination in other places.

With the holidays coming, more people will be travelling—pilgrims to and from the Middle East (of all Old Testament faiths) will be crossing paths with travellers at airports, and in confined spaces in planes, etc… so that alone may be enough to justify the WHO’s warning, although experts think there may be more to it.

What’s concerning is that with this SARS outbreak, information isn’t being relayed and shared the way it was last time. Labs researching the virus are working more independently of each other than not, and in general, little transparency is being used with the public.

I wouldn’t spend the holidays worrying about the new SARS virus, but with flu season hitting early (and expected to be bad), even if you don’t travel I would  take extra precautions this winter:

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially after being around other people (malls, parties, public places/transit, work even), and especially before handling food.
  • Encourage hand washing, and consider adding hand sanitizer to your work space and maybe around your home—it’s not as good, for many reasons, as hand washing, but it’s a good reminder to others.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow to reduce germ transmission—even if you don’t have any other symptoms (you could be a carrier, or they might not have developed yet).
  • Don’t forget some Colloidal Silver! Take a bottle with you on your travels, consider it a good stocking stuffer for older relatives, and use it to support your immune system.
  • Make time to take care of yourself: plan healthy snacks so you maintain good nutrition during cookie season, exercise (even if you just work some physical activity into your busy day), and take mental health breaks so stress doesn’t wear down your immune system.

What precautions will you take while travelling this season?


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