Man with nasal spraySummer colds don’t happen often, but when they do, they hit harder and last longer. In fact, you may mistake your summer cold with allergies. (Allergies will come with a tickly feeling). But be careful—you don’t want to sedate yourself with allergy meds when you actually have a cold!

Because it’s summer, people who get colds are less likely to give themselves the care they would in the winter. You need to stop physical activities and rest, for instance. Even if it’s just a cough or some sneezing—it’s better to take a week to kick the cough than to keep the cough for a month or more.

You also need to beware air conditioning. If you’re feeling ill in the winter, you wouldn’t go outside without a coat. For deeply air conditioned offices and movie theatres, throw on a cardigan or an extra layer. You don’t have to always do it, just if someone around you is sick, or if you’re feeling sick. (Like most pathogens, the cold bug spread in crowds. Think public pools, sports games, and travel).

And don’t slack on supporting your immune system just because it’s summer! Colloidal silver, a multivitamin, enough rest, plus summer has all kinds of antioxidant rich fruits and veggies for you to choose from!

Have you had a summer cold?


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