The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Strengthening Your Immune System


Laughing PeopleWe’ve long known that “laughter is the best medicine”, but here’s some news on how it specifically works: laughter (a good, genuine gut laugh) helps various bodily symptoms balance. Notably, it’s effect on the endocrine system helps reduce stress levels, and it stimulates the immune system—causing increased antibody production as well as more protective cells (that can help fight cancer).

Laughter is so good for your body, it may even be a decent substitute for exercise for people who are bedridden. It helps to regulate blood pressure, gets the heart pumping, and helps regulate appetite.

If you feel an illness coming on, it might be time to google “funny cat videos”, “pranks” or reaction videos (it can be hard to laugh out loud by yourself, but sometimes it’s easier when you’re watching someone have an extreme reaction to a funny video). And if you’re already sick? Hopefully you’re staying home to rest and avoid spreading germs. And since you’re likely not up to exercising, laughter could be a great way to “work out” and stimulate your immune system while you’re ill. It will also help stave off depression, which sick people are more prone too.

And if you know someone who’s under the weather? A funny video or meme will do them far more good than cards or flowers.

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