While both Connecticut and New York have reported cases of West Nile virus, there are also larger outbreaks in many Southern states.

Due to the mild winter, this year was already expected to be particularly bad for pests like ticks and mosquitoes, both of which spread disease. With reports of West Nile virus confirmed, it’s time to make sure you’re vigilant!

The majority of people show no West Nile virus symptoms, and those who do show only a mild fever. What makes West Nile virus symptoms serious is the risk that the virus could cause a brain infection—often the only time it gets diagnosed. Having a weakened immune system  means the virus is more likely to spread, and so health officials particularly caution those (the elderly, pregnant, and already sick) to be particularly vigilant about preventing mosquito bites.

To prevent West Nile Virus, make sure to reduce standing water around your home, avoid being outside during dusk/dawn, and to wear long pants and shirt sleeves if you have to do the first two, or will be outside for long periods of time working. Watch for itchy red bumps–signs of mosquito bites—that are followed by fever, as that could be a West Nile virus symptom.

Have you had reports where you live? Sound off below!!


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