What Should I Get Tested For?


Exam ResultsThanks to modern medicine, part of prevention means early detection, but what do you need tested for, and when? Here are some common screenings you should know about:

If You’re A Lady

Breast cancer screenings shouldn’t start later than 50, and should start at 40 (or even in your thirties) if you have risk factors like a family history. And of course, if you have any symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately.

If You’re A Gent

You’ll need to get your prostate examined sometime after the age of 40 (talk with your doctor about when is the right time for you). Now, prostate cancer is actually really common, and most forms don’t require treatment. BUT, aggressive prostate cancer does need treatment, and it has to be caught early for treatment to be effective.

If You’re A Baby Boomer

Get tested for Hep C, ASAP. Hep C doesn’t show symptoms until things start to get serious, and early treatment can do a lot to preserve the liver. Baby Boomers have a higher risk for having Hep C, and are coming upon the age where more serious symptoms are likely to show.

If You Have A Heart

You should be talking to your doctor about heart health and getting things like your blood pressure checked at every appointment. Some people have a high risk of heart attack and stroke even in their twenties, and everyone else benefits from being on top of heart care from an early age.

If You’ve Ever Had An STD…

You should get re-tested after treatment. Many STDs are now antibiotic resistant, and you aren’t guaranteed that one round of antibiotics will take care of it (for gonorrhea, it’s about 50/50 at this point!).

And Everyone…

…Should have a yearly skin cancer/mole check. Even people of color.

Those Are The Biggies, But Also:

-Talk to your doctor and schedule early testing for anything you have a family history of.

-Have a chronic condition? Monitor yourself for side-effects. For example, if you have diabetes, you should be getting your eyes examined regularly.

-See your doctors if you notice any changes in your health, or any big symptoms (for example, being sick for longer than a week).

-Don’t just rely on prevention! Take care of your health by making sure you get all your nutrients and by supporting your immune system.


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