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4 Sinus Rinsing Tricks You May Not Have Thought Of

4 Sinus Rinsing Tricks You May Not Have Thought Of

Whether you want to cleanse your sinuses as a daily morning ritual (to support your health, or just fight congestion and speak more clearly), or you only pull out your sinus rinsing kit when you’re already sick, here are some tips you may not have considered.

1) Enlist a friend. A sinus rinse can be quick, but if you’re combating serious congestion, you might want to do more of a flood, and let the concoction sit in your sinuses for a few minutes. That means pouring it in while your head hangs off a bed or couch. If you’re a little challenged in the coordination department like I am, you may want help pouring. (No friends? I don’t like being around sick people either. Just pick up one of our sinus flooding kits, which contain an easy to DIY nosebulb).

2) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. People love bugging their doctors for antibiotics prescriptions for their sinus infections, but the majority are actually viral. And then there are those that are fungal. Very few are bacterial. Viruses can be hard to kick—so you may want to do a double rinse. And fungi? The mucus they cause—just nooooope. You may need several rinses/floods to dislodge it (and don’t be freaked out if it’s black, stringy, or otherwise weird. Fungal infections suck.).

3) Know a lactating mother? Try breastmilk. The rich Chinese are all about the health benefits of breastmilk for adults right now (and you can even buy our own Immune PWRx, which contains immune boosting colostrum, the first, superpowered milk that’s made). Breastmilk is pediatrician recommended to rinse the sinuses of babies and young kids—so why are you missing out? If you don’t have any willing friends, there are several legit sites that sell to more than just babies (it’s also really popular for bodybuilders right now). Make sure you find one from a donor-registered mother, and follow home pasteurization processes.

4) Do it after you have a hot shower or bath, so the steam can loosen the congestion and your rinse can knock it out. If you’re sick and doing it multiple times a day, my experience says to do it as soon as you start to get annoyed by a runny nose, rather than when the mucus has really built up. And don’t forget to pair it with a running humidifier and a hot beverage like tea, plain hot water, and lemon or honey. (Try grating some ginger for an herbal decaf tea).

What are your sinus flooding tricks and tips?


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