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Women On Beach WalkingYou’re more likely to find success when you have have friends cheering you on, helping you out, and holding you accountable. Here are some ways to create your own group of health-minded support!

First, you need to find your people.

-Try the gym. There are often groups of seniors walking around the pool, sharing a cup of coffee, or participating in a program like Silver Sneakers. Or, there are moms losing weight, men playing basketball, and more.

-Try an early morning walk or jog around the neighborhood, park, or nearest open space. Check out who’s there.

-Or try a dog park, and meet up with others who like to exercise with their pets!

-Want to pick up a really specific hobby? Bringing back rollerskating, hula-hooping, or medicine balls? Try a facebook, twitter, or meetup.com to find or start a group with others who share your interests.

Second, Build a relationship based on Wellness:

-Offer to meet up for more chats while you share exercise. It might be enough to know that your gym friend is asking after you when you miss a day.

-Or, invite them to tea. Avoid the high caffeine and sugar cups you get at your local chain, and offer to host a small tea. You can even serve something healthy, like our Jiaogulan!

Third, build support!

-Trade healthy recipes with your new fitness buddies. It’s a great way to find easy, already proven delicious meals to share with your family. Or go all out, and schedule a taste party, where everyone brings an hors-d’oeuvre version of their favorite healthy side-dish and copies of the recipe.

-Push each other further. Besides your regular walk together, offer to meet up for a yoga class, or to learn a new sport together.

-If you run out of ideas, you can always research new trends, products, or ideas and chat them out together!

There you go! Three easy steps to build a community of Wellness around yourself for the New Year!

What activities will you be trying out next year?


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