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Do You Need More Vitamin C This Winter?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C in the winter has become a cliche, whether it’s products advertised for having added Vitamin C (or letting you add Vitamin C to your own food) or someone sneezing and excusing themselves by advising everyone to go take some extra Vitamin C.

But is Vitamin C really going to do the trick?

Hopefully you’re already taking care of that aspect of your health, and either enjoying seasonal produce (like oranges) that are natural sources of Vitamin C, or using a high-quality multivitamin to ensure a daily dose of not just Vitamin C, but Vitamin D and other essential nutrients!

The thing about all those Vitamin C products is they tend to be low-quality sources, meaning the Vitamin C is in a form less available for your body, there is also added sugar, color, or preservatives, and other pitfalls. When someone sneezes, Vitamin C additives are not the solution.

Instead, support your immune system with colloidal silver. When you’re already on top of your health with high-quality nutrients, sleep, exercise, etc., colloidal silver is actually something extra to add to your routine for extra immune support during the season of coughs and sneezes.

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries as immune support, skin support, and more. It helps support the immune system against cold, flu, and other illnesses, and is used to aid the skin when it’s healing small cuts, burns, and scrapes.

Rather than low-quality Vitamin C, reach for something more helpful: colloidal silver! In addition to using colloidal silver as a daily supplement, you can add a little to your neti pot, do a deeper sinus rinse, or even use it in a nebulizer, supporting your immune system in multiple ways this season.


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