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Eating To Support Your Immune System

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Veggie PlateIn the face of pumpkin spice lattes, marshmallow yams, and sugar cookies, make sure you’re still eating to support your immune system. That means getting enough nutrition, and going easy on your gut, which is an important part of your immune system.


The most nutritious fruits and veggies will have the brightest or deepest color. Organic is often, but not always, more nutritious. Bananas? Buy them however. Strawberries, tomatoes, and other things with thin-skin? Go organic. Most other things you’re best off eyeballing between your options for what’s best.

Past the produce, don’t skip on reading labels. You don’t want your gut bogged down with artificial foods and additives (although you can always distinguish between synthetic—like vanillin—and actually artificial).

And here’s where everything wraps around to the beginning—eating a diverse array of vegetables can aid digestion. Onion, for instance, is a prebiotic. So is garlic. Adding more veggies to a meal is almost always only a good thing.

Don’t Miss…

-Yogurt, kefir, and other fermented foods. And super-sugary, comes with candy yogurts don’t really count. Even though it’s healthy, you still have to read the labels and make sure it has lots of active cultures.

-All your food groups. Don’t fad up and skip one—they do all have a role. Your brain needs lots of energy from carbs, you need a steady amount of protein, etc.

-Meals. A steady, balanced diet will encourage steady digestion, including production of enzymes all day long (so your not weighed down with a meal while your body starts up and catches up).

Make Your Own Herbal Tea!

-Grate up some ginger, some lemon zest, or find ideas online. It’s an easy way to always have fresh ingredients for tea on hand, and ones that are useful if you catch a cold. Or you can use them as flavorings for your favorite tea.

And Have A Backup!

A good daily multivitamin is insurance for days when you don’t live up to a varied, healthy diet.

Share your immune supporting tips in the comments!


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