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Gamma Linolenic Acid Benefits

Evening Primrose

What is gamma linolenic acid and do you need it? This plant derived nutrient may have multiple benefits. Found in Evening Primrose Oil and other plants, gamma linolenic acid benefits may include the balance you need.

This Omega-6 fatty acid helps provide dietary balance, fight antioxidants, and more. Most of the omega-6 in your diet probably comes from less than healthy sources like fried foods. Gamma linolenic acid comes from plants like Evening Primrose Oil and instead of causing inflammation helps to fight it. You need both Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids—make sure you’re getting them from the right source. 

Gamma linolenic acid benefits range from supporting skin health (eczema), to heart health (blood pressure), digestion, and arthritis. Studies even support that gamma linolenic acid may be helpful as nerve support (especially with both type-1 and 2 diabetes). Usually, benefits are reported to studies over a year, and, studies note, gamma linolenic acid is most useful as part of other healthy habits (for example keeping blood sugar levels steady if you have diabetes).

While studies are new and offer insufficient data, gamma linolenic acid benefits have been renowned for centuries. Native Americans used it for swelling, and it quickly gained popularity in Europe for helping with various illnesses (it was used on everything).

More than just health support, gamma linolenic acid helps with hair and skin growth, brain function, and more. Many believe that Evening Primrose Oil is beneficial for women’s health, supporting balance during both menopause and PMS.

Find out if you need gamma linolenic acid’s benefits with Evening Primrose Oil.


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