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How Do You Take Colloidal Gold?

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Is there a “best way” when discussing how to take colloidal gold?

Although all true colloids are similar—a pure, non-ionic mineral suspended in pure water, why and how people use them varies. Gold is reputed to enhance physical good health & emotional health and well-being. Whether you are ingesting Colloidal Gold or applying it topically, it helps with cellular activation and rejuvenation.

Are there wrong ways to take colloidal gold? Some people take colloidal silver by mouth as a dietary supplement.

Is there a best way to take colloidal gold? How do people take colloidal gold?

Let’s look at how colloidal gold is used and how to take colloidal gold.

What Does Colloidal Gold Support do?

Colloidal silver is used to support the immune system, the skin, and is even used for targeted respiratory support. Colloidal copper is an essential dietary mineral and is also used to boost skin health (and even hair appearance!). Both of these colloids are taken as supplements, but people also use both colloids by applying them directly to the skin.

Colloidal gold is a little different. When discussing how to take colloidal gold, very few people are using it on the skin (and those that do usually do so as part of a more grandiose skincare regiment).

What colloidal gold is best known for is supporting the mind, so the majority of people take colloidal gold as a dietary supplement. It may also support joint and prostate health, and the best way to reach those potential benefits is also to take colloidal gold as a dietary supplement.

How to Take Colloidal Gold for Direct Support (Like Other Colloids)

Recommended daily serving is one tablespoon. Colloidal gold is a powerful supplement that can make you feel like your old self again. Just like when you use other colloids as dietary support, how to take colloidal gold is pretty much the same. Measure out how much colloidal gold you are going to take, and drink up. Ideally, keep your colloidal gold bottle sealed and clean (possibly by pouring it into a glass before drinking) IT can be mixed with juice or water to avoid any after taste.

Colloidal gold is a powerful way to boost your mental capabilities. It should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach 15-20 minutes before eating for maximum absorption, and if you’re looking at one of those tough problems that need all hands on deck then take some more around 1 or 3 hours before your task at hand.

Although not strictly necessary, taking colloidal gold on an empty stomach may make absorption easier. Having food in your stomach won’t cause a problem, there’s just more going on. Fifteen minutes before you eat is a good time to take colloidal gold (many people take colloidal gold when they wake up).

How to Take Colloidal Gold the Best Way

While each individual should experiment to figure out how to take colloidal gold in the best way to suit themselves, there is a bit of consensus on what the best way to take colloidal gold is!

Because colloidal gold supports mood, energy, focus, memory, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and more, many agree that a little each day is the best way to get results from colloidal gold. Colloidal gold isn’t the quick boost that caffeine is, it works better as steady support over a few weeks and as ongoing support.

Other Ways to Take Colloidal Gold

You may decide that the way to take colloidal gold for you is not every day, and that’s ok! Some people decide that colloidal gold will work for them if they take more as an occasional boost when they know they need more focus and a steadier hand to get through a project, tournament, or presentation. 

How will you decide how to take colloidal gold?

Deciding When to Take Colloidal Gold

Because everyone is different, experiment a little with how to take colloidal gold. Bigger people need more in their daily dose, for example. Or you may know yourself already—and you know you need persistent support for your memory, focus, and more. However, it can be as simple as 1 tablespoon each day.

Since you kind of know where you are now, deciding how to take colloidal gold will likely only need tweaking the first month or two—but usually we say observe for at least a month, since other events may make it hard to tell.

How to Take Colloidal Gold Alongside Other Colloids

Don’t worry about the technicalities of how to take colloidal gold! You can take colloidal gold alongside other colloids, health supplements, food, and more.

Gold (aside from its rocky form) is considered safe to eat and often garnishes high-end dishes. Colloidal gold, as long as it’s pure, true colloidal gold, is no different.

Always avoid inferior “colloids”, or ionic products that call themselves or compare themselves to colloids. Ionic gold is not inert, and is actually dangerous! It’s important to only take true, pure colloids.

How Do You Take Colloidal Gold?

If you have a method of how to take colloidal gold that’s a little different, let us know! Someone else may like your idea for how to take colloidal gold and benefit, too!

And of course, you can’t get started with how to take colloidal gold unless you have some on hand, so pick up some true, pure colloidal gold first!


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