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How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take?

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While it’s generally a personal question, sorting out what’s right for you can be tricky. “How much colloidal gold should I take?”. Where you even begin to explore that question can be tricky—how much is it based on your physical vs. mental attributes, for example? 

Let’s explore how much colloidal gold should you take and more, like what is colloidal gold and when to take colloidal gold.

What is Colloidal Gold?

Before getting into “how much colloidal gold should I take?’, it’s good to make sure we know what is colloidal gold.

Briefly, colloidal gold, true, pure, high-quality colloidal gold, is made up of pure gold nanoparticles suspended in water. It should be a red-orange color since suspended particles will reflect light. Ionic solutions, where the particles are dissolved, don’t reflect light, they’re clear, and ionic gold solutions should be avoided!

Why Do People Take Colloidal Gold?

With reported benefits including better memory, focus, coordination, concentration, energy, mood, hand-eye coordination and more, it’s no wonder people take colloidal gold.

It’s thought that when we used gold more—not just as a coating on jewelry, but as coins, cups, and more—when we were touching and interacting with gold more, we were absorbing some benefit as gold particles rubbed off.

Size Matters: How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take?

One thing to consider when calculating “how much colloidal gold should I take?” is body size. A bigger person may need a little more, smaller a little less—you might need to experiment to find the right amount for you.

Because the nanogold particles are small enough to move freely, people with digestive issues (who may struggle with absorbing normal nutrients) don’t need to worry.

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take for General Support?

For general support, the answer to “how much colloidal gold should I take?” can be as simple as 1 tablespoon each day. If you’re just looking to enhance mental faculties like memory, focus, concentration, or if you’re just trying to find a better, more stable balance of things like mood and energy, 1 tablespoon a day is a good starting place.

If you’re not taking colloidal gold daily, but just as an occasional boost, you can stick with the 1 Tablespoon, or go for more.

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take for More Support?

If you’re looking for a bigger boost, try 2 Tablespoons of colloidal gold per day, or for your occasional boost.

When figuring out how to answer “how much colloidal gold should I take?”, you can start with 1 or 2 tablespoons, but then be prepared to adjust. Try the amount you think you need for a week or two—long enough to even out your experiences over a longer time so you can get a feel for you, colloidal gold, and other support you may be giving yourself (like meditation and other self-care).

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take On Vacation?

A common question we get/problem we’ve helped solve is “how much colloidal gold should I take on vacation?”. Once you get a routine that works for you, don’t interrupt it! But traveling with a bunch of liquids is unnecessarily complicated, and there’s always the chance they’ll freeze or burst in your luggage. And liquids are heavy—if you’re taking a longer trip, the amount you are carrying with you could add up (1 tablespoon of colloidal gold is about 1 bottle of colloidal gold every 2 weeks).

An easy solution is to order some colloidal gold and ship it to your hotel, just be careful to time it right (it’s worth paying a little more for a stricter shipping time frame).

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take When Sick?

When you’re sick, it’s up to you. Keeping up your colloidal gold routine may help you once recovery starts and you’re working to get back on routine. On the other hand, if you’re sick enough to need some serious rest, having anything you need to do, even something as simple as taking a little colloidal gold might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Ultimately, the right amount and the right timing is up to you!

How Much Colloidal Gold is Too Much?

Setting aside the possible benefits of colloidal gold, gold is a food safe substance, so there shouldn’t be a limit to how much you can take. There’s one catch, of course: make sure that you’re only taking a high-quality colloidal gold supplement that isn’t an ionic product! Ionic gold is a neurotoxin and should be avoided!

If you answer “a lot” to “How much colloidal gold should I take?” make the most of it by spreading it out throughout your day. That gives your body the best chance of making use of it, rather than being overwhelmed by too much and passing it.

One you know “How much colloidal gold should I take” make sure you’ve got the colloidal gold on hand to meet your needs.


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