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Pet Owners Need Immune Support


No matter if you’re a dog, cat, bird, or lizard sort of person—pet owners need extra immune support. Sure, there are health benefits to owning pets. They lower stress levels, encourage exercise, help with feelings of depression, and more. But there’s no denying they also bring exposure to extra illnesses, so before cuddling up with your favorite non-human friend, consider why animals create a need for more immune system support, like by adding colloidal silver to your routine. 

The CDC really, really wants you to stop kissing your chickens. It’s cute that some are “lap birds” and will hang out for cuddles starting as chicks, and great to get ethical, tasty eggs. But kissing chickens can transmit a serious case of salmonella poisoning. After snuggling, be sure to wash hands—the CDC even recommends having shoes you wear just for chicken care to avoid spreading the germs from their droppings. 

It’s not just chickens with salmonella, reptiles can carry it too. If you’re letting lizards or snakes have cage free time in your home, make sure you clean up after them, even though they don’t make the same type of mess as furred pets. Even touching birds or reptiles than absentmindedly touching your face can lead to illness—hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of disease.

Even if you have a traditional pet, you need to stay on top of keeping your immune system strong against whatever they bring into your home. Dogs can carry ticks and other pests indoors (even from just backyard time) leading to Lyme Disease or other tickborne illnesses—which can also infect dogs! Support your and your dog’s immune system with colloidal silver, and always do tick checks after spending time outside.

Although cats are less likely to have illnesses to share with humans (feline viruses don’t spread to humans, but still consider supporting your cats’ immune system for their own sake), cats can carry the parasite toxoplasmosis and spread it to their owners via their droppings. Based on infection rates, probably about 1 in 4 cat owners carry the parasite. Symptoms include increased risk for depression and suicidal ideation.

Get the benefits of pet ownership while supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.


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