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Prevent Summer Ear Infections

Otitis Media
Otitis Media

Ear infections aren’t just for kids–there are multiple ways you might pick up an ear infection this summer, and once you do, it can be hard to clear. Naturally prevent and care for ear infections of all types with colloidal silver. Here are some of the increasingly common ways to get an ear infection, and how to prevent them:

Root out tough mucus (and the pollen triggering it) with a sinus flooding kit. A sinus flooding kit is a deep, thorough way to clear mucus out of your sinus cavity so you can breathe, stop germs from festering, and deliver direct immune support with colloidal silver.

Water. Warmer weather means more lakes and rivers are the perfect temperature for growing bacteria, amoebas, and more. A dip in your local water hole is now something you need to be extra cautious about. Some swimmers “Waterproof” there ears with a drop of oil. You can also spray a little colloidal silver in once they dry up to help support ear health.

Ear infection symptoms include pain, redness, pus/fluid, a change in how you hear, or a feeling of pressure. You can check for an outer ear infection by gently tugging your ear lobe—if the ear canal is inflamed or infected, it will be stiff and sore and moving it will hurt.

If you have an ear infection, keep the area clean. You can use colloidal silver as direct immune support or as a supplement to support the immune system. Use heat to ease symptoms of pain and pressure. If it doesn’t clear up in about a week or gets worse, see a doctor.


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