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Skin Remedies in Your Pantry


Soothe bites, burns, and more this summer with tools right out of your pantry. For minor injuries (or in a pinch) try these remedies, including various colloids that support beautiful, healthy skin–naturally.

Bug bites are all too common during the summer. Wasps, ants, mosquitoes and more can appear out of nowhere to give you a red, itchy or painful bite.

Don’t just brush off bug bites—you can speed healing, soothe the sensation, and help prevent complications with a little care. Like any other wound, start by cleaning the area. Then grab relief from your pantry—powdered oatmeal, honey, and baking soda all help soothe bug bites and reduce inflammation. You can use honey as a base to apply oatmeal, and you can mix water with baking soda to get it to stick. As it heals, colloidal silver can offer support inside and out, especially as bugs can carry MRSA, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, and more.

If you get burned this summer, take fast action. Sun, campfires, and grilling all cause burns small and large during the summer. For large burns, seek medical attention, but don’t wait to apply first aid. Just like when you cook things keep going when you away the heat source. Immediately get a burn site cooled down with an ice pack, cold water, or whatever you have on hand. Don’t use anything that will insulate the heat (like flour). Lots of things support burns as they heal—aloe and colloidal silver are the big ones, but an oatmeal bath may also soothe pain,or itching as skin heals. It’s also important to keep burns clean—and colloidal silver helps support that (one of the reasons silver is included in over the counter burn bandages).

If your skin problems aren’t limited to summer, your pantry can still help out. You can make a face mask to help with acne using ground oatmeal, honey, and strawberries. Or use yogurt to support healthy skin flora. Other good face mask ingredients: olive oil, sugar, lemon juice, and aloe. Use colloidal silver as a daily toner to help support healthy skin.

To combat aging, always use sunscreen and use colloidal copper as a toner.


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