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Sleeping Puppy

Sleeping PuppyGetting more sleep, according to a new study, could make you appear “more alert, more youthful, more attractive… less-puffy… and less-red face[d]”. The study focused on people fixing sleep apnea with CPAPs, but I think anyone getting more sleep will look less puffy faced!

Looking younger is in addition to all the health benefits, like better cardiovascular health, fewer daytime accidents (caused by drowsiness), and of course improved brain support.

So, start fixing your sleep problems:

Set the mood. Consider all of your senses—lavender smell is relaxing, any light will interfere with melatonin production, white noise is helpful for many people, soft sheets, an appropriate mattress, and a glass of water if you need it (add a drop of orange bitters if you want to keep it fresh). Avoid watching tv, using your phone or other screens in the bedroom—it sends the wrong message to your brain. Beds are for sleeping!

Allergies? Winter congestion? Do a sinus rinse before bed. Just do not use tap water—because you never know.

Snoring? Clearing your nose (see above) might do the trick. If not, talk to a doctor about your option.

Set time for sleep—all adults need 7-9 hours. If you’re having trouble with that, try a natural sleeping pill that contains melatonin, like Nite MGR.

Do you feel younger when you get a good night’s rest?


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