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Unexplained Joint Pain: Is It Septic Arthritis?

Unexplained Joint Pain: Is It Septic Arthritis?

Septic Arthritis is caused by bacteria creating an infection in a joint. It can also be caused by a virus, or sometimes a fungus. The bacteria/irritant gets into the joint either because there is a source of it somewhere else in the body, or because of a direct injury to the area, if you scrape your knuckles and get an infection, for example. If you already have Hepatitis A, B, or C, HIV, Herpes, or another infectious disease, you are at an increased risk for developing Septic Arthritis.

Like all forms of arthritis, Septic Arthritis can be incredibly painful. The hands are a particularly common place for Septic Arthritis to develop, causing severe wrist, finger, and thumb joint pain. Even if just one joint is affected, more than one may feel pain. Signs of Septic Arthritis, besides severe pain, include redness and swelling at the site, as well as signs of an infection: fatigue, fever, and chills. If your only symptom is joint pain, it is hard to rule out Septic Arthritis.

If you think you have Septic Arthritis, consult your doctor. To confirm diagnoses the doctor may take a fluid sample from the joint or make a scan (such as an MRI). Typical treatment is a regiment of antibiotics and draining of the joint.

The best way to prevent Septic Arthritis is to make sure you clean all wounds as soon as possible, and keep them clean. Clean the wound with rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or iodine, and apply a bandage to keep the site free of pathogens. If you have other health problems causing infections, make sure you talk to a doctor and seek appropriate treatment.

If you want to naturally help your immune system, especially if you are prone to Septic Arthritis or have a recurring case, or want to support your immune system in fighting bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, consider taking MesoSilver. MesoSilver is a side-effect free way to support your immune system so it can fight infections. You can also apply it topically to wounds to help your immune system where it needs it the most.

As always, talk to your doctor before adding supplements to your routine or if you have severe symptoms.

By Emma Spera

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