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What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold?

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Asking “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold” is a good question, but it might be missing the point a little bit. Sometimes heath is about wellness, not survival. There’s good enough to subsist, and then there’s living life well. 

Enter colloidal gold: colloidal gold is known for supporting the mind and possibly enhancing several mental faculties. When people ask “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold?”, they might have heard about some of the ways nanogold/colloidal gold are being used in modern medicine, or they might have heard about how colloidal gold may benefit the mind.

In either case, here’s an exploration of “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold?”.

What is Colloidal Gold?

You can’t address a question like “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold” without making sure we’re all on the same page as to what colloidal gold is. After all, not all products labelled “colloidal gold” are pure or genuine!

A colloid refers to something being suspended in something else. Colloidal gold is a suspension of pure gold nanoparticles in water. It’s got a red-gold color caused by light bouncing off the suspended gold particles—something you won’t see in other products!

Purity and authenticity are important when it comes to health products and their safety and efficacy, so starting with a definition is always important!

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold for the Mind?

Here’s the big one: what are the health benefits of colloidal gold for the mind? It’s the most common use for colloidal gold, and people report quite a few benefits!

Memory, focus, concentration, mood, energy, and more are some of the listed ways colloidal gold may support the mind. It’s thought that colloidal gold somehow enhances mental activity, making it quicker, clearer, or just better.

That quick-connection idea partly comes from those who take colloidal gold because it may enhance the mind-body connection.

Colloidal Gold and the Mind-Body Connection

Reflexes. Reactions. Observations. The mind-body connection is more than how our thoughts affect our health, it’s the overall process of our mind and body working together.

Some people use colloidal gold to support or enhance their mind-body connection, so that they can keep improving their golf, tennis, or soccer skills. How they use colloidal gold differs, some take it daily as part of ongoing work on sharpening their mind and body, others take it in bursts to support big events in their lives.

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold for the Body?

Gold star mind support, but what are the health benefits of colloidal gold for the body? Colloidal gold (sometimes just nanogold, or else pure gold along with other things) is still being explored for its medicinal benefits. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work in a super transparent way, but gold has been explored for both joint and prostate health, among other things.

Joint support has long been a use of colloidal gold (maybe because of gold’s anti-inflammatory properties), so it’s no wonder that it would be more “officially” explored!

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold as Believed in Other Times & Places

Gold has a long, ongoing history where it’s used to benefit both the mind and body.

Ancient Ayurveda medicine included gold in balancing the mind and body. It’s no wonder when asking themselves “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold” they answered that gold helps calm and focus the mind. Gold was used as part of treatments for a large number of bodily ailments, as well.

Other cultures have also assigned gold calming properties, and many people have claimed to experience positive mental benefits from either gold or colloidal gold.

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold? It’s All About Wellness

Health is about more than being good enough—it’s about feeling mentally clear, sharp, and engaged. It’s about supporting our mind, our wellness, our creativity and more. We have goals that go beyond just subsisting. Getting better at something like golf, being inspired for our art, bringing our best focus for a big project or presentation.

What are the health benefits of colloidal gold? Different people report different things depending on what they’ve been lacking. Whether they’re supporting memory as they age, naturally supporting focus, or taking a broad, gentle, and natural approach to mood and energy, many report that colloidal gold elevates their mind.

Support your mind with colloidal gold, and see what are the health benefits of colloidal gold for yourself.


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