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What Kind of Mixture is a Colloid?

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A true colloid is a mixture—two things mixed together, not one thing dissolved in another.

That’s basically it. But why is it so important, and what does it mean to be a true colloid and not a dissolved solution? In the world of supplements, we’re talking about a difference in safety and efficacy.

What kind of mixture is a colloid like colloidal silver? It’s solid nanoparticles suspended in a liquid, or a tiny solid and liquid “mixed” together.

Let’s look closer at colloids, specifically, colloidal silver and colloidal gold.

What Kind of Mixture is a Colloid?

Well, a colloid is a mixture, and there are different kinds, depending on what you’re mixing together (solids, liquids, gases, or a mix).

Colloidal silver is a famous supplement because it’s a colloid of silver (a solid) and water (a liquid). Silver has a long, historic usage supporting the immune system and more, and colloidal silver is the convenient way to take it as a supplement.

What kind of mixture is colloidal silver? It’s called “sol”, which is the type of colloidal mixture where a solid is suspended in a liquid.

Examples of Other Colloids

Although most people don’t talk about colloids in day-to-day life, we use them all the time! Paint is another solid-in-liquid or soil colloid.

Dust particles floating in the air (or smoke), milk, whipped cream, clouds, sprays, and the emulsions we make when we cook are all daily examples of colloids.

The term “colloid” doesn’t mean anything complicated or fancy. It just refers to a way we mix different things together. What kind of mixture is a colloid? It can be a lot of things, including the type colloidal silver is—a solid suspended in a liquid.

What About Ionic Solutions?

Focusing on colloidal silver, let’s look at some key differences between colloids and ionic solutions.

The suspended particles in the colloidal silver are tiny (nano-sized) particles of silver. That silver is neutral silver. In an ionic silver solution, the silver is ionized, or charged. While you can find both true colloidal silver and ionic silver solution supplements, colloidal silver is better.

Another colloid, colloidal gold, is only available as pure colloidal gold (not ionic). Ionic gold is toxic, which is why it’s important to know the difference between true colloids and ionic solutions.

You can identify a colloid vs. an ionic solution on sight. A true colloid will reflect and scatter light—at a glance, most colloidal supplements reflect light (color). You can also use a flashlight to see if light scatters (called the tyndall effect).

Why is Colloid vs. Ionic Important?

Once you understand what kind of mixture is a colloid and how a colloid works, you should know why it’s important.

In the case of colloidal gold, ionic gold is not a safe supplement, so it’s clear why you should choose one over the other. In the case of other colloidal supplements, reasons to stick with 

For other colloids, there are various reasons to always choose a true, pure colloid. In addition to safety, some studies show pure colloids are more effective, other times taste is a factor, etc.

Choosing true colloidal supplements is the easiest, safest choice.

Other Things to Know About Colloid Mixtures

As simple as it sounds, silver nanoparticles suspended in water isn’t simple to make! Beware complicated solutions to “what kind of mixture is a colloid”—because true colloids are harder to make, many manufacturers use additives, compounds (rather than pure silver or pure gold) and other hacks to force something like a “colloid”, or they just call an ionic solution “good enough”.

Always Choose Colloids

People tell each other to try colloidal silver for immune support and more. They aren’t recommending additives or other ingredients—it’s pure colloidal silver and colloidal gold that have made names for themselves as mind and body support!

For safety, efficacy, simplicity, and more, always choose true, pure colloids!

You can get pure colloidal gold and colloidal silver at Colloids for Life.


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