New Year, New Shoes


Kids Shoes BlueIf you had kids start school this month, they probably went off with new shoes. And while you’re probably familiar with the frustration of how fast they can outgrow them, you can at least cut back on the frustration of how fast they wear out.

Gym class, recess, cutting through a muddy open field, kids are hard on their shoes every single day. Add in a mix of hormones (from growing AND stress) and things can get stinky, fast. And where there’s stink, there’s bacteria and extra wear and tear.

Help keep your kids shoes looking new, longer, with Smelly Shoe Spray. With colloidal silver and a fresh burst of peppermint, it helps keeps kids shoes smelling fresh, longer.

It also helps mitigates those awkward preteen moments: when they have to take their shoes off for tumbling in gym, or when they go to a friends house after school, they won’t be unleashing an embarrassing odor! (And when your shoes are in better shape, it helps keep smelly socks from piling up, leading to a smelly room!).

After you help keep your kids’ shoes like new, keep their backpacks fresh (especially if they’re cloth ones), their beds, comforters, and anywhere else they accumulate grime and stink.

As far as clothes, weigh out the two kinds of advice given: some really nice brands (or magazines that feature them) will recommend against washing, which causes wear and tear. On the other hand, anything that touches your skin (even trying it on when you’re picking something out) transfers bacteria which can cause its own wear and tear, including discoloration. For kids clothes, your best bet is almost certainly washing them.

While they’re waiting for the wash, give the basket a little spritz of Smelly Shoe Spray to hold back odors (or get the bottom when it’s empty).

What essential ways have you found to use Smelly Shoe Spray around the house?


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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