Symptoms of Hepatitis C


One of the challenges of the hepatitis C virus is that the infection rarely shows signs and symptoms at its earliest stages. By the time a patient is experiencing the telltale signs of Hep C, the infection has usually progressed to a serious stage.

Unfortunately, there are no “early” signs of Hepatitis C, or the virus could be caught and treated much sooner than it commonly is. Indeed, very often those with the virus have no idea that anything is wrong at all.

As the disease progresses, these common symptoms may begin to develop:
· Unexplained and chronic fatigue
· Low energy
· Muscle aches
· Diminished appetite
· General malaise
· Sometimes, a slight temperature

As hepatitis C progresses further, these symptoms become more pronounced. If the hepatitis C virus is untreated, jaundice may ensue as well as other signs and symptoms of liver damage such as fluid retention, advanced cirrhosis, and liver cancer. At this progressed stage, symptoms include edema (swelling), abdominal pain, fever, loss of appetite, severe fatigue, low energy, and mental “fogginess.”

A rare complication of advanced hepatitis C results from the stimulation of the white blood cells and virus antibodies, which causes inflammation throughout the body. This condition, known as cryoglobulinemia may show up in symptoms such as pain and swelling in the joints, nerve pain, an extreme sensitivity to cold in the fingers and toes, and a bumpy red and purple rash. Other skin conditions that may be present with advanced Hepatitis C include lichen planus and porphyria.

Any of these symptoms require an immediate visit to your doctor to find out if you have hepatitis C. If you are diagnosed with the hepatitis C virus, and are interested in a natural remedy, click here.

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