Everyone loves learning that a study has just revealed one of their favorite foods is actually a superfood, supporting heart, brain, or general longevity. But some of the most popular superfood studies feature things some people need to avoid, like alcohol, caffeine, or added ingredients they’re allergic to. Luckily, there’s another way to harness at least some of the benefits they offer.

Longevity Formula features two superfood berries (acai and maqui) which are known for being the best berry sources of powerful antioxidants, and Resveratrol. Resveratrol is the ingredient in dark grapes that gives grapes (and red wine) the health benefits often touted in studies about wine. Most studies about alcohol are often picking up on the plant it’s based on, like Resveratrol and grapes (some studies are talking about alcohol itself, because it does thin blood and impact the brain, and small doses may be right for some).

The Resveratrol in Longevity Formula has many human clinical studies under its belt (as ResVidaTM). It may help with diabetes, aging, heart health, and its absorption and use in humans is proven. ResVidaTM may even help offset the ill effects of a high calorie diet, and be an important tool in weight loss.

Getting more antioxidants is a recommendation almost everyone needs because of the standard American diet, which encourages inflammation and other problems. Longevity Formula is a way to ensure a daily antioxidant boost to support your health and balance your diet, without the sugar of a smoothie or the alcohol of wine. With real foods as the ingredient basis, and no artificial preservatives or any additives, you can’t beat the quality, or feel better about what your are taking.

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