At some point, you’ve probably seen or heard how vision works—sometimes, the eye is “too long” or “too short” and doesn’t focus the things you’re looking at correctly (causing nearsightedness and farsightedness, respectively). But there’s more to vision than eye shape! Age, diet, sun, stress, and more can cause vision impairment—even heart health is a big factor to how your eyes will age! Vision supplements like Vision PWRx can help support eye health as you age.

Like all supplements, one key benefit of vision supplements is making sure you get all the nutrients you need—in this case, to specifically support your eyes. Some research shows as many as 1 in 10 Americans may be deficient in at least one nutrient. Making sure your have everything you need to function your best is step one to every problem.

How do vision supplements work? 

Many of the environmental factors and conditions that are hard on our eyes (sunlight, age, stress) have one thing in common: oxidation! Vision PWRx is packed with antioxidants to help the body balance itself against the oxidation that happens when we don’t wear sunglasses, go through stressful periods, or just face the inevitable passing of time.

But it’s more than antioxidants, it’s nutrition and herbs known for supporting eye health. The bioflavonoids found in bilberry may help remove toxins. Lutein is known for supporting good eye health. Carefully formulated with these known vision supporting ingredients (and more), vision supplements like Vision PWRx can help support healthy eyesight and comfort.

What about standard myopia, a common vision problem? 

Whole books have been written about exercising your eyes, or more specifically, the muscles around the eyes to help them squish and shape your eyes better, and to improve vision. Research has only gotten far enough to show that eye exercises improve eye strain and headaches, although many claim it’s improved or maintained their vision, as well. If you already have vision problems, that’s all the more reason to make sure you’re protecting your eyesight as you age!

Start supporting ocular health today with vision supplements like Vision PWRx.


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