It’s not news that inflammation is bad for you. What is new and newsworthy is the research into how it works and what, specifically, it’s doing. The latest study adds some illumination on chronic inflammation, showing that it can cause early mental decline. Take steps to reduce inflammation, including supporting your body with colloidal silver.

Inflammation can be a healthy part of a properly working body. When you’re injured and after working out, inflammation breaks down old and damaged cells allowing new cells to replace them. But there’s a time and a place for inflammation, and if it’s chronically being triggered or is out of control, it can cause long term damage.

Inflammation can look like redness, pain, swelling, or stiffness in the skin. Or it can look like diarrhea and other bowel problems. If it’s affecting an organ, it can look like fatigue, pain, or things just not working right.

Fever, pus, deeper red coloring, or general worsening of symptoms can mean infection and a more pressing health issue that requires immediate medical attention.

Sources of unhealthy inflammation:

-Overly processed foods and foods high in sugar can cause or just feed inflammation, especially (but not only) in the gut.

-A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to chronic inflammation.

-Chronic injury or illness can lead to ongoing inflammation.

-Some specific diseases, like Lyme Disease, can trigger inflammation.

Ways to fight inflammation:

-Exercise helps encourage/regulate healthy inflammation.

-A diet rich in antioxidants helps fight/balance inflammation.

Colloidal silver helps support the immune system.

-Sleep is an important part of healing and regulation.

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